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     Making Delicious Cakes

          with a Twist of Art...


 Hi, Welcome to my page.  I am Anna Marie Matos, Artist of AnnieCakes.

My Main Goal.  To always make a delish cake, cupcake, cookie, bread, pastry, etc... With a twist of art {my passion}, for you.

 Make an effort to learn and teach myself new techniques and methods available to me in Cake Decorating and bring them to you.

Truly am, enjoying and loving every moment baking and decorating.

There's this little man, I must acknowledge on this page.  He's totally wicked awesome, can do no wrong and really cool.  Although, he is no longer 2yrs old.  It was him (my Bam-Bam forever), who named my cakes, cookies & all of the sweet treats I made for him.

Thank you little man, forever love.

To my Family & Friends, thank you for being there when I needed ya so... Without all of you, supporting my crazy ideas, my crazy passion.  I don't think it would be what it is today.

Much Love...

Again, Welcome to AnnieCakes, please enjoy the page.  And feel free to leave a comment, become a member.  I'd love to hear from you.

{Awww, it wouldn't be the same without me saying my favorite quote.}

Hugs 'n Smooches...

Cakes Celebrated in 2013.  Thank you...

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